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UP Bhulekh, Khasra Khatauni Online Verification

Revenue Council Uttar Pradesh, UP Bhulekh are providing online system to Download, Khasra, Khatauni, Land Verification. Get documents of your plot online.



Short Information (Conclusion):-

Revenue Council Uttar Pradesh, UP Bhulekh Of India are providing online system to Download, Khasra, Khatauni, Land Verification. This facility has proved to be a boon especially for farmers and landlords. We can do our work on the internet, online work in our country will reduce corruption. Dear Guys, keep update yourself by reliable and magical website | We support Digital India and Modern India

Application Fee:

  • There is no any kind of Fee, for Download Khasra, Khatauni or Land / Plot Verification. all the Services is free.
  • You pay only the cyber cafe fee at the cyber cafe, The Services of upbhulekh website is totally free.

Important Dates:

  • According to website upbhulekh (Revenue Council Uttar Pradesh).
    Land records / verification-Plot etc. Web based land document system was started from 2-May 2016. Which has been implemented in all the tehsils of the state.
  • Jan Sewa system has become a symbol between tehsil and landlord
  • You can Unlimited Download no restriction

How to Download Khasra Khatauni / Verify etc.

  • Find your nearest Jan Sewa Kendr or Open your computer and visit gov website
  • With your Land/plot details you can find every detail related your documents in seconds/minutes.
  • All Important Links are given below please follow this.

Note: The documents you download from your computer. It is for your satisfaction, for your information, you will not be able to use it for any government work. To use government work, it is necessary that you download and verify the documents from a recognized public service center. Documents verified by the public service center (JANSEWA KENDR) will be valid, you can use it.

Success wants hard work from you!

Some Important Links

» Download Copy of Khatauni

» Copy of khatauni fractionation (Batwara)

» The code of Revenue Village Khatauni

» Unique Code of the plot

» Court case in Plot

» Sale status of the plot

» Official Website